Orthodox culture center

Eastern orthodoxy and its' eternal message address the modern hectic man. The Orthodox culture center presents the rich tradition of Eastern Orthodox Church and its way of life nearby the center of Joensuu. Our exhibitions tell about the message of orthodox faith in a way that is easy to adapt by everyone.

Our neighbors are the Orthodox Seminary and the church of St. John the Theologian and the Illuminators of Karelia. Freshly renovated yard area combines buildings into a unique attraction. In guided tours our guests have the opportunity to view our exhibitions and visit real byzantine-styled church. In addition to tours, the guests are welcome to enjoy the cafe and catering services of restaurant Usva.

We offer very versatile spaces for conferences, seminars and meetings. Our center is also very popular venue for different cultural events both indoors and outdoors. The building is operated by the Foundation of Orthodox Culture.

Our values are openness, ecumenical orientation and internationality. We welcome everyone to come and see our culture center and to explore the cultural atmosphere of Eastern Orthodox Church!

Sustainability in our operations

The Orthodox Culture Center and the whole cultural quarter are committed to working for more sustainable tourism in Finland. In practice, this means ecological, sociocultural and economic sustainability.

Ecological sustainability

Waste is sorted and recycled into separate waste bins according to waste management regulations. Our restaurant takes care to avoid food wastage, and we generate practically zero food waste as items left over from the day’s lunch service are sold at the end of the day. The restaurant serves vegetarian food every day and bakes its own bakery products. Insofar as possible we use local products, such as grated vegetables and salads from our own region. Our restaurant does not use plastic mugs or cutlery.

Environmentally friendly and fragrance-free cleaning products are used in the property.

Socio-cultural sustainability

Localness, Orthodox culture and Karelian culture are reflected in our operations and marketing. We value the Orthodox tradition and want to acquaint our customers with everyday Orthodox culture, which also includes the Karelian culture and local Karelian dishes.

The Orthodox cultural quarter is accessible to people with limited mobility. There is also an inductive loop available upstairs to ensure accessibility for the hard of hearing. We are easy to reach on foot, for example from hotels in the town, or by bicycle from the surrounding area.

Economic sustainability

We collaborate with local actors and businesses. We choose responsible hotels and other businesses as our partners.

We support young people and youth organisations in particular with scholarships every year.

The foundation of Orthodox culture

Our foundation is established in Joensuu in 1981. It has been founded by the city of Joensuu, the orthodox parish of Joensuu, The Foundation for Promoting Karelian Culture, Regional Council of North Karelia and the North Karelian University Society. The Foundation supports and promotes the research of orthodox culture and its' utilisation as a part of Finnish culture by means of different activities, donations, grants and scholarships. The Orthodox Culture Center, which is located in Kauppakatu 44 in Joensuu, is built and maintained by the foundation.

Contact information:

Visiting address

Ortodoksinen kulttuurikeskus
Kauppakatu 44
80100 Joensuu

Mail address

Ortodoksisen kulttuurin säätiö
c/o Joen Isännöintipalvelu Oy
Kauppakaari 1
80100 Joensuu

Operating hours

Monday through Friday from 7.30 AM to 2.30 PM

Saturday and Sunday Orthodox culture center is open only by appointment.

Contact us

e-mail: info@ortodoksinenkulttuurikeskus.fi

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Property manager

Olli Herttuainen
phone: +358 10 830 4123
e-mail: olli.herttuainen(at)jipisannointi.fi

Catering and reservations

Restaurant Usva
phone: +358 50 300 0243
e-mail: kauppakatu(at)ravintolausva.fi
Open Monday through Friday from 7.30 AM to 2.30 PM.



Orthodox culture center is located in northern part of Joensuu. Right next to center are the Orthodox Seminary and the church of Saint John the Theologian and Illuminators of Karelia.